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A Letter from the President

Posted over 2 years ago

NHSPA Survey Results

On behalf of the New Hampshire Society of Physician Assistants, I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our recent survey. The survey was sent out by email to over 900 PAs in and we had 230 respondents which allowed us to reach a confidence level of 95% with a confidence interval 5.58 which we are quite pleased with. The link to the results of the survey can be found below.

We have evaluated the survey data, including all the free text comments, and have gained valuable insight into how we can best address your concerns related to both PA practice in NH and your ongoing relationship with the NHSPA. We will use this information to continue our efforts to better serve you, our PA constituents, as well as to advance PA practice in New Hampshire for the benefit of our patients. As you all now know, modernization of the PA practice rules and statutes in NH is one of the top priorities of the NHSPA. You will see in the results of the survey that they confirm this to be a top priority of yours as well. Rest assured that the NHSPA is actively engaging with the appropriate stakeholders in the state with whom we will continue to work on your behalf to advance PA practice. We will not stop until our collective voice is heard!

Your membership is the key to our success. We thank all of our members who continue to support our efforts. We also want to welcome the 41 new members who have recently joined since the survey was released. This was a huge boost for the NHSPA that will positively impact our ability to advocate on your behalf. Stay tuned, big advocacy efforts are underway! We are also working on new ways to meaningfully communicate with you about what the NHSPA is working on, PA relevant news, and resources that we can all use to enrich our profession.

Last but not least the winners of the raffle were randomly chosen from the 124 respondents who provided their contact information. The winners will be contacted by email, so keep an eye out in case you are one of them!



The survey results can be found HERE!